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    Affiliate Program

    KNSPO has partnered with ShareASale for our affiliate program helping us to connect and work with publishers, bloggers, influencers, and more who align with our mission and can further promote the KNSPO's brand. Through ShareASale we have also partnered with Skimlinks to enhance our relationship with publishers in their network. Should you be interested in being part of our affiliate program, please go to the ShareASale link to apply or find us in the Skimlinks merchant database!

  • +Purpose


    KNSPO has partnered with +Purpose to support non-profits and causes that drive #positivechange across the globe. We are giving back 1% of every order to causes we deeply care about that help shape a better, more supportive, and sustainable world. With this partnership, you can choose at checkout which cause the 1% from your order will go to. With the choices of planting trees, supporting people with disabilities, empowering women in developing countries, and combatting hunger and food waste, together we can improve the planet and the lives of the people who live on it!

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As a diverse group of individuals with a passion for self-expression, we are building a brand that combines the best of Korean skincare with our love of art, design culture & fashion.

Co-Founder Mikkel Høimyr

Our belief is that a brand is a promise. Our promise is to deliver simple, effective & beautiful products that will bring a smile to your face from your bathroom shelf!

Co-Founder Kate Kim

As a girl growing up in Korea in the 90's I was lucky to experience the rise of the K-Beauty at the source. Although toners have been part of the Korean skincare routine since I was young, the introduction of pre-soaked toner pads has made this step far more convenient than it used to be. We were never in doubt that toner pads was the way to go when we were developing a KNSPO toner.

Co-Founder Kate Kim


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