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 Product philosophy
Brand identity

Korean skincare is famous for:

  • Innovative products

  • High-efficacy

  • Use of high quality ingredients.

However, 12 step routines? Does anyone really understand half the stuff written on the box? K-Beauty is too complex for most people!

Could the Korean Skincare routine be simplified, without losing the efficacy Korean skincare is famous for?

We believe so, which is why we decided to create a Korean skincare routine that is both easy to understand and easy to use, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness which Korean skincare is famous for.

We believe that modern consumers want more than just ease of use, and effectiveness. 

The bathroom is where most people start, and end their day.

We believe that a bathroom cabinet filled with artistically designed products can have a substantial impact of the quality of someones morning, and quality of sleep. 

People want to surround themselves with beautiful art and design at home and at work, and the same is true for their bathroom cabinet.